Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maintenance for accessories

Maintenance for accessories:

- Don't let accessories touch the water, keep dry, please use the tissue paper cleaning if the sweat stains on it, wipe clean, if silver material, please polishing with cloth and then wipe it again to keep accessories shiny, and to avoid deterioration, oxidation of accessories.

- Don't let accessories close with cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, water, rain, water, whether it is hand-washing, bathing, sleeping, exercise, or writers do, please keep accessories well after wearing.

- If got physical allergen, please do not continue to wear.

- Keep away from high temperature and fire area.

- Colour/ image of goods due to differences in computer monitors and may slightly different from the actual product colours.


- 飾品需保持乾燥,勿碰汗水,請在配戴後用面紙將汗水,汙漬擦乾淨,如有拭銀布可再擦一遍以保持飾品光澤,避免飾品產生變質、氧化。

- 飾品請勿接觸化妝品、香水、清潔劑、海水、雨水、清水,無論是洗手、入 浴、就寢、運動或作家事,請先將飾品收好来。

- 如身体有特殊過敏症,請勿继续佩帶。

- 請远离高溫及火源區。

Friday, September 24, 2010

十月敲钟咯!opening at october!

2) 做好后,会马上寄出去,并且通知宝贝们货已在路上~呵呵。。。


After we discussed, we decide open our sales on OCTOBER! Hooray!.....but me not stay in Malaysia in Oct....bcs I need go travel working trip in Shanghai within 1 month, so pity, my partner! She need work harder during next month, for her easier , I have decide a guide 1st:

1) When Babe have selected the item, and pay all , we will start our work, may be need a longer time to do it, depend on the difficulty, the timing will answer babe when selling progress.

2) After done, we will send for delivery ASAP, and inform babe , your item is on the way ..hehe..

May be my partner will no answer you all questions quickly when she rushing her own full time job, so, will need you all patient yo wait, sorry ar..haha, but we will try our besy to serve you~ thanks!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Payment & Shipment

Hallo!  If you are interested on our creations and collections, you can purchase it with the following guide:

Thursday, September 16, 2010



Miye is getting started! Hooray! We really put many effort on it, this is our dream to become a fashion designer, just hope can start from the small accessories...Although we have step in the design field-a graphic designer, but is not enough for us, we love art & design, just hope can challenge every single different kind of design field..haha...Hallo Babe, let's us intro ourselves, we'r MIYE!