Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring Collection'11 - Earrings ♥ 春季系列‘11 - 耳环


The Spring Collection'11 - Earring also came!Hope you all guy will love it, then we just can have work more harder to get success~remember "No dreamz, No succeed!" ♚

ME110113 - 银珠雷丝耳环 Metal stone with lace earring - RM18

ME110112 - 古币秀花耳针 Antique coin flowering earring - RM12

ME110106 - 小花耳针II Small flower earring II - RM8   
* restockable

ME110114 - 银花耳针 Metal flower earring - RM12   
* restockable

ME110105 - 小花耳针I Small flower earring I - RM8   
* restockable

ME110107 - 小花耳针III Small flower earring III - RM8   
* restockable

ME110110 - 青脸娃娃耳针 Green face dolly earring - RM12

ME110111 -蓝脸娃娃耳针 Blue face dolly earring - RM12

ME110116 - 金玫瑰耳針 Golden rose earring - RM10  
 * restockable

ME110120 - 古金花耳环 Secret golden flower earring - RM10

ME110104 - 白雷丝蕨叶耳针 White lace leave earring - RM10   
* restockable

ME110108 - 蓝丹宁布雷丝耳针I Blue denim with lace earring I - RM12

ME110103 - 白雷丝皇冠耳针 White lace crown earring - RM10
* restockable

ME110109 - 蓝丹宁布雷丝耳针II Blue denim with lace earring II - RM12
* restockable

ME110121- 蓝丹宁布雷丝耳针III Blue denim with lace earring III - RM12

ME110115 - 丹宁布白雷丝耳针 Denim with white lace earring - RM15

ME110117 - 雪花白珍珠耳環 Snow owering white pearl earring - RM15
* restockable

ME110118 - 蕾絲葉環珠耳環 Lace leave pearl rounded earring - RM15

ME110119 - 蕾絲白珍珠耳環 Lace white pearl earring - RM12
* restockable

ME110122- 密黑雷丝耳针 Secret dark earring - RM15
* restockable

ME110102 - 黄配黑點豆豆耳環 Yellowish blacky dot dot earring - RM15

ME110101 - 白雷丝银花耳环 White lace with metal flower stone earring - RM15
* restockable

ME110123- 环边觅白石耳针 Bordering beige stone earring - RM15

Spring Collection'11 - Necklaces & Bracelet ♥ 春季系列‘11 - 项链/手环

自从“寄住”皮皮后,也得到少许鼓励,很开心又可以让我们更有冲劲得继续下去,春季系列-项链/手环登场咯♥ !希望各位能支持支持~

Since we "live in" Pipit Zakka Store, have get some encouragement, we are glad and willing to continue our collection accessories ' 11 - necklaces/bracelets are here ♥ ! Hope you all guys will support us always~

MB110101 - 银花蝴蝶结手环 Metal flower with butterfly ribbon bracelet - RM29.90

MN110101 - 金梅秀珠项链 Golden plum flower with pearl necklace - RM32.90
* sold out

MB110102 - 紫花珠围古色心手链 Purple flower with antique metal heart bracelet - RM29.90* restockable

MN110109 - 双叠粉红花项链 Double layer pinky red flowering necklace - RM32.90

MN110108 - 双叠黑红花项链 Double layer blacky red flowering necklace - RM32.90

 MN110107 - 紫红圆碟项链 Purple red round plate necklace - RM32.90

MN110104 - 五粉花围项链 Five roses flowing necklace - RM32.90

MN110102 - 褐风花会蝴蝶结项链 Brown flowering with butterfly knot necklace - RM49.90

MN110106 - 白绞结秀珠项链 White knot with pearl necklace - RM39.90   
* restockable

MN110103 - 花扇花围项链 Flowering fan-shaped with flower necklace - RM39.90

MN110105 - 雷丝蝴蝶迎珠项链 Lace butterfly with pearl necklace - RM39.90
sold out

MN110110 - 木蝴蝶会珠项链 Wooden butterfly with pearl necklace - RM39.90

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

敬请期待♥ Stay Tuned

Hi,  Miye getting have prepared something~Stay Tuned!Muacks~

Miye@Pipit Zakka Store

米尔终于租进皮皮了~终于可以慢慢的实现我们的梦想,好开心噢~也拍了一些照片,认识了挺多的手作大大。。米尔一定要再接再厉!Aza! Aza! Fighting!

Miye have successfully "live" in Pipit Zakka Store, is a wonderful dreamz that we wanna made long time ago, is very excited to see our creations display nicely~and have also capture some photo, and known many handmade designer ~Miye needed a lot of energy to spread out our design! Aza! Aza! Fighting!

 米尔手作 - Miye Handmades'