Thursday, February 24, 2011

嗨~外国朋友! News to oversea people~


We already start our blog  and have a longer time~and also found that have quite lot of oversea people visit our blog~and think should we try to sell our creation to oversea?Hope you all guys give us some response, thanks!

米尔于皮皮之点点滴滴 a wonderful experience in Pipit

年也过完了,又要开始拼了!在皮皮的时间也要过完了~过完二月,米尔要暂时离开皮皮,因为要闭关,加紧做更多的首饰,为五月的皮皮市集准备哦~以前是去逛市集,现在我们尽然是其中之一摊主,哈哈。。所以真的很谢谢皮皮,可以给一个那么好的机会,让我们实现愿望!也通过皮皮,南洋商报记者要访问我们,真的很兴奋。。访问过程中,很明显我们是第一次,有点小紧张~希望是还好。。也发现皮皮加新了很多手作大大的新作品,都说嘛~真的很感激皮皮~再说声 :감사합니다 (谢谢) !十月再见咯!

New year have passed, it's time for us fighting!Aza! Aza! Fighting!and also reach the expiry time we being in Pipit zakka store~After February, we need packing and say Good bye to pipit.We decide to leave fist, because we need prepared for our pipit wonderful market at May! Time less get less for us already~so need concentrate for this project~We 're feel very miracle because last time, we are visitor for pipit market, but now, it's change!we are 1 of the pipit staller~hooray!!So, is very appreciate what Pipit do for us~Pipit have give a lot of chance for us - handmade designer & artist a wonderful hope & dreams~including we have Miye 1st press interview by NanYang Press~Thank you~Its really give us a such a good experience for us~and thanks for Ms Ho, that interview us! and also found that there are new stuff in Pipit zakka~so what I 'm always want to say : 감사합니다 (thank you) ! see you October again!

Miye - Chloe