Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Summer Vintage Collection ♥ 春夏季复古系列

Miye have create some design again~Now turning Summer season~let's us vintaging ♥ ~Hope you all ♥ it! Still have more and more~stay tuned!

米尔在有新灵感啦~现在正是春夏季!让我们继续复古风~也希望你们喜欢哦~♥ 还有更多的还没上载上来。请继续关注我们哦~

MR110501 - 粉玫肜花戒指 Pink Rose with flower ring- RM19.90

Now having promotion for these items: (Previously RM32.90)
MN110107a - 紫红蓝圆碟项链 Purple red with blue round plate necklace - RM29.90
MN110107b - 金红粉圆碟项链 Golden red with pink round plate necklace - RM29.90
MN110107c - 青红白圆碟项链 Green red with white round plate necklace - RM29.90

MN110501 - 时光圆环锁项链 Time Machine Locker necklace - RM39.90

MB110501 - 古靛色环琏手链 Antique Indigo with chain bracelet - RM29.90

MR110502 - 金密黑雷丝戒指 Secret Golden Blacky lace ring- RM19.90

MB110502 - 黑密粉玫雷丝手链 Secret blacky pink rose with lace bracelet - RM29.90

MB110503- 棕辫围珠手链 Brown knot with pearl bracelet - RM29.90

We're having promotion now~ (Previously RM39.90)MN110502 - 粉玫蓉珠相连 Pink Rose with Pearl necklace- RM32.90 

We're having promotion now~ (Previously RM32.90)MN110503 - 古铜龟项连 Antique Tortoise necklace- RM29.90

050711 ♥ 米尔 • 第一次............MIYE'S FIRST TIME....


Sorry Miye is quite busy for this few week~Time passed fastly~have reach May - mid of year' 11..Since we joined  PIPIT, we have dreamzed that 1 day we could be 1 of the lucky seller in Pipit Wonderful Market~So, we are very exited the day have come! 7th of May'11! We're know that we are not prepared well at this 1st market we joined, all thing seems very rush and messy~but we have to try our best to made this happened! Although this is not the best that we 're expected, but we believe we can improve from this! Miye ! Aza! Aza! Fighting! Very thanks to Pipit and all those guys and gals support Miye! Pipit Wonderful Market , see you next round (hope can join again ^^)!



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