Friday, January 13, 2012

Spring Handmade Accessories . 春季手作首饰

Miye new handmade accessories finally updated! Miye need work harder and harder, NO pain NO gain! yeah~

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ME111135 - RM18

MB1201002 - Vintage Gypsy Bracelet - RM39.90

MP1201005 - Pinky Rose Pin RM5

MR1201001 - Spring Flower with Pearl Ring - RM25.90

MN1201004 - RM39.90

MN1201005 - RM32.90   RM29.90

MN1201003 - RM32.90

MP1201009 - Vintage British Pin RM5

MR1201003 - Creamy Green with Rose Ring - RM25.90

MP1201008 - Curly Spot Pin RM5

MB1201004 - Sweety Flower with Pearl Bracelet - RM29.90

1st - MP1201002 - White Pearl Pin RM5
2nd - MP1201003 - Gold Shell Pin RM5
3rd - MP1201004 - Gold series Pin RM5

MB1201005 - Sweety ribbon with Pearl Bracelet - RM29.90

MN1201006 - RM49.90

MP1201010 - Secret Bronze Pin RM5

MB1201003 - Vintage with Pearl Bracelet - RM29.90

MP1201006 - Sweety Denim Pin RM5

MB1201001 - Sweety Button Bracelet - RM29.90

MR1201002 - Sweety Flower with Pearl Ring - RM25.90

MP1201001 - Spring Flower Pin RM15

MP1201007 - Sweet Blacky Pin RM5


MN1201001 - RM32.90

MB1203002 - RM22

Miye.closet started! 米尔-时尚真正开始了!

嗨!米尔要开始新计划咯~时尚应该不能缺乏时装吧~米尔要敢敢拼了~没有什么做不到的~虽然不是自己亲自设计~不过米尔先想锻炼时尚品位,一步一步来~所不定也可以有自创的哦~加油~如果你有兴趣,可以发邮给我们噢~ 。。。

Hey~Miye think to have a new plan~we want to start selling outfit~we know this is hard way to go~but never try never know~hope 1 day will having our own design outfit~hope you all will like it~
If you feel interested, please private message us - , thanks!